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My affiliate program is handled through  If your not familiar with Clickbank, they're the biggest online billing center for downloadable products.  They're great, pay on time, and super easy to setup with.

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(Replace "YOURCLICKBANKID" with your clickbank ID ... and ... the "XXXXX" after the "tid=" with a unique name for whatever advertisement you're testing at the time. For example "FBgirl1" could mean "FB = Facebook" and "girl1" = "the first picture of a girl you're testing". This way you know which creatives/ads are making you sales, from which websites, and which ones aren't. By the way don't go over 24 characters with your TID names.):

If you are promoting on traffic sources which allow you to use POP-UPS, here is our best converting POP-UP page (average increase of about 10% conversion with this page):



Writing articles is a cheap and easy way of promoting this product.  Actually, it's more than just "cheap"... it's totally FREE!

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But, you should know it is NOT as effective as using Pay Per Click.   (We recommend you do BOTH!)

Here are the major "article submission" websites you can use:




There are a TON more out there.  Click here for a list via Google.

I've written over 300+ fitness articles on my blog, "Double Your Gains". You have permission to use any and all of them to promote this product. All you have to do is put a simple "about the author" section at the bottom of the article and link to your affiliate site with your clickbank ID and you're sure to make some sales!

Click here to see the archives section of my blog and feel free to use any of the articles listed there. 

Also, I would recommend you rewrite them (even if you do it one sentence at a time) so they won't show up as "duplicate content" by Google and Yahoo.


If you have an email list related to this product, or anything similar, then chances are it will convert VERY well if you mail them your affiliate link.

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Many people have done extremely well promoting our site without spending a dime.

These tactics CAN work, but typically they won't yield near as much money in your pocket as Pay Per Click.

Regardless, I recommend you do this AS WELL as doing pay per click.  That way you truly dominate the market from every angle!

So here's a few free techniques you can do right now:

1) Write a review of of the our course with your affiliate link at the end.  You can post these for free on review sites like, and

2) Make a free blog with a site like  On your blog talk about our site, then use a site like so your blog shows up in major search engines.  Obviously have your affiliate link on this as well!

3) Check out this killer Press Release site,  Post a review of the our product on here with your link.  You can also pay them $80 and they will make sure your Press Release is put on ALL major search engines.

4) Post videos on and Google Video about our website, and include your affiliate link.

6) Make a review site about similar products and include a review of our product (This works really well right now with all the google slaps going on!).

8) Use "Social Networking" sites like,,, and to promote your affiliate link and build up a network of friends!

Ok, so that's it for now.  Time to get to work and start making some money!



 P.S. - If you have any questions, please email me here and I'll help you out:  doubleyourgains { @ }






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