• You may use multiple Clickbank ID's however you must provide solid proof that you own every ID. You may send this proof through email to doubleyourgains { @ } gmail.com

• Only sales from the vendor ID "leanbodrep" will count.

• Refunded sales and chargebacks do not count towards your total sales count.

• Back end sales and discount sales do not count towards the total sales count. For example, only item 1 sales (front-end sales) count.

• Bonus payouts will only be paid via PayPal if the amount is below $10,000.00. Exceptions made if the value is greater than $10,000.

• A reserve amount may be held to cover future refunds. This amount will vary depending on your sales volume.

• The 1 month period is run on "Clickbank Time".

• This bonus payment scheme is valid from September 2010.

• All bonus payout's must be claimed within 7 days of the following month. If this does not happen you will not get your bonus for that month.

To claim your bonus please contact us at doubleyourgains { @ } gmail.com. Provide your Clickbank ID, your PayPal email and the number of sales you have made of what product # that count towards your total sales. We will reply and send your payment as soon as we are able to verify the details your provide.

• Remember: You must give use your accurate Clickbank affiliate ID and PayPal address or else you can not receive your bonus payouts!


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